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About Us


Greasy Creek Spice Company takes its name from a small creek that runs off from Sardis Lake in Mississippi. Fishing there many years ago with the old cane pole, sitting on the one lane wooden bridge and basking in the hot summer heat of the Mississippi summers made this the perfect choice for our name. Those times were spent with family in the small community of Harmontown, Mississippi right off of HWY 310. You have probably now figured out where our spice names come from.


We want people to enjoy cooking, but cooking together with great conversation. 


Our Harmontown Blend was created from a slaw we always made. We wanted an easier way to combine all of the ingredients and share it with family and friends. We had no idea that the Harmontown Blend would be great on chicken or salmon or even added to batters for fried crappie and shrimp. People have told us that they use it on grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, pork tenderloins and love it on vegetables.


HWY 310 came from pulling all of the spices from the spice cabinet to grill a good steak. Why not just combine all of them together? HWY 310 is not your typical salt and pepper blend. We have combined other flavors to make this a great substitute for your typical salt and pepper. Enjoy HWY310 on everything from beef, chicken and wild game. Use it in your sourdough bread, roasted vegetables, and anything else you want to add a little flavor to.


The Jalapeno Salt is just that. A great mixture of salt and jalapeno peppers. This makes a great finishing salt when you first take the meat off of the grill or out of the oven. Try the Jalapeno Salt on your fries, vegetables, kale chips, pumpkin seeds. You might want to add a dash or two to soups or stews. Spice everything up with a little Jalapeno Salt from Greasy Creek Spice Company.


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